I Almost Had a Butter Fight by Kelly the Kitchen Kop


Recently I posted an article about family members going at it over the butter vs. margarinedebate, well I almost had my own knock-down drag-out the other day!

I’m kidding of course.  We both remained very nice, but I made her squirm a little and I was glad.  When people squirm, they often, but not always, are motivated to find out the truth.  That’s what prompted my own food conversion.  I pray that’s what happens with this situation, at least someday…

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Kelly can be found at the 'politically incorrect' Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog, and she loves helping others with all she's learned from her own family's bumpy transition to real food. Kelly and her husband have been married 28 years and have four kids. She also blogs at the Christianity 101 blog, but only occasionally since they began their crazy homeschooling journey a few years ago! Read more about Kelly here.

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