Frugal and nourishing meal ideas for ONE by Kelly the Kitchen Kop


Are you single and broke, but want to eat well?  My niece lives on her own in Seattle and has asked for help in trying to eat less processed junk.  She does eat a lot of eggs (they’re good for her, cheap and fast), but usually falls back on pasta and boxed dinners too often…

If you need ideas check out the comments at this post.  If you have more ideas to share, please do!

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Kelly can be found at the 'politically incorrect' Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog, and she loves helping others with all she's learned from her own family's bumpy transition to real food. Kelly and her husband have been married 28 years and have four kids. She also blogs at the Christianity 101 blog, but only occasionally since they began their crazy homeschooling journey a few years ago! Read more about Kelly here.

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